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Transparent banner series LED display, mainly used in street shops, street advertising, and a new type of transparent LED solution.

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Unit pcs
Minorder 1
Payment T/T,LC
Port Shenzhen
Certification CCC
Place Shenzhen

Product Detail

Standard size transparent LED display is the transparent LED electronic posters.It’s used in street advertising, and a new type of transparent LED solutions for window ads in small and medium-sized shops and retail stores.

1.Image quality improved,because it does‘t need to use the principle of reflection imaging.

2.Simplify the production process ,improved the production efficiency,and save cost.

3.More creative,more technology elements can be called a new generation of intelligent digital signage.

4.The entire style is simple and fashion,elegant temperament,highlight brand charm. 

5.Realizing the connection of network and multimedia.Publishing the information in media.

6.Open connector, multiple applications can be integrated,available for multimedia playing time , number and range of statistics and records,but also achieve greater human-computer interaction function in play at the same time, to create a new media ,new display brings opportunity.

7.Energy saving, its power consumption is only about one-tenth of ordinary LCD display.

8.Using wide viewing angle technology, with high definition, wide viewing angle (up and down left and right viewing angles all reach 178 degrees) and high contrast ratio (1200: 1).

9. Remote control switch can be used to achieve the transparent display and the normal display of arbitrary switching.

10.Flexible content, no time limit.

11.Can be used to meet the needs of the ambient light backlight, 90% lower than traditional LCD display power consumption, more environmentally friendly.

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