The Best Transparent LED Display Supplier LED-HERO

With the development of urbanization and commercial economy,the scale of outdoor advertising market is growing, as the outdoor dynamic advertising carrier led display,it is become more and more popular in the market.but the traditional cabinet led display brought a lot of trouble for the manufacturers and customers because of their own Defects.and the launch of the hollow led strip displays, almost perfect solution for these problem.

According to statistics, led display failure case, 60% is due to insufficient heat dissipation.The shutter structure of led strip screen improve the heat dissipation,reduce the probability of failure.Moreover, the traditional led display needs from the back assemble, Always “The Butterfly Effect”,Led strip screen can be directly disassemble the broken lamp from the front of the screen.No need bulid the maintenance channels, More convenient.

In fact, the general demand of outdoor advertising screen area is not as huge as the landmark building, and large screen outdoor advertising market demand in the outdoor advertising screen in the proportion is relatively small, while the Installation difficulty and the customer demand also low for the traditional led screen .The general outdoor led screen can be meet .which makes the LED strip screen advantage is no longer particularly prominent.In addition, as a non-closed structure of the led display, led strip screen in the durability is difficult to be generally recognized like the traditional cabinet .As we all know, outdoor display is inevitably long-term experience of wind and sun, tolerance has become a very important requirement of such products, and open structure, so that light strip screen in the waterproof, dust and other aspects of the performance is difficult like the traditional led display as convincing, which undoubtedly limits the wide range of LED strip screen applications.

With the development of urbanization and commercialization, the demand for outdoor distance display market began to increase.and the cabinet-type led display pitch has been achieved at a distance of 3mm in the following technological innovation, to meet the needs of close viewing, Very suitable for outdoor applications in close proximity display. But for the sacrifice pitch and get the hollow characteristics of the LED strip screen, the clarity is unable to overcome the congenital deficiency, which means that the led strip screen is difficult to set foot in the outdoor application .

 If the outdoor small pitch application of the LED strip screen is difficult to pose a threat, then the emergence of LED transparent screen is undoubtedly carved up the LED strip screen market.Transparent displays became one of the most watched products in the last two years because of the transparency and beautiful .70% -95% of the transparency greatly reduced the influence on the appearance of the building.and the semi-outdoor display features that are close to the interior of the glass wall,it is a good way to avoid the approval of outdoor advertising.Even in the strict monitoring of advertising in the United States,But also by the government and businessmen smile greeted.Such prominent advantage ,Transparent displays beyond the strip screen .Become the first choice of glass building .