P16 Transparent LED display W series in Henan

Craftsmanship quality, LED-HERO transparent led display Maple Plaza Case

Project: P16 Transparent LED display W series, 100 square meter
Address: Maple Plaza, Wuhua International City, Fuyang City, Henan Province

In the spring season, all creatures are slowly reviving. Henan Maple Plaza has recently ushered in a product full of youthful vitality - LED-HERO transparent screen. LED-HERO transparent screen has the advantages of high permeability, clear picture quality, stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation and maintenance. It has been well received by the industry.


It is believed that after installing LED-HERO transparent led screen, the exposure rate of the product has been greatly improved, and the radiation radius is 2 kilometers, bringing more traffic to Maple Plaza.

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