LED transparent screen can be customized

In order to meet the needs of LED transparent screen business display market, LED-HERO uses LED transparent screen to achieve individual customization according to different scenarios. Here in after referred to as: LED transparent screen profile series.

Technical staff site survey

Customized and personalized LED transparent screens are required to be surveyed by the company's technical staff, and dimensional records are made. The arcades of shopping malls and science and technology museums are the most common and most widely used scenes.

LED transparent screen custom attention parameters

1. Box size: According to the size of the technician's on-site measurement to develop a suitable box size, to ensure that the LED transparent screen can be a perfect fit.

2 box resolution: according to the requirements of the application scene to develop, such as shopping malls cylindrical scene, because the mall's brightness is not very strong, we recommend the LED transparent screen resolution is 384 * 96 more appropriate, special circumstances also need to see the distance , environment and other requirements.

3. Product Weight: LED transparent screen The weight of the customized product is related to the installation method at the site. The weight of the product is not much related to the base loading method. If you choose to lift, you need to consider the bearing capacity of the beam, and the weight of the product is developed lightly.

4 interface definition: with a more expensive interface, but the effect is not the same with the effect of the interface, see customer needs.

5. General parameters: The product pixel pitch, scanning method, module resolution, module size, white balance brightness, refresh rate, transmittance, viewing angle, and power and other parameters will remain unchanged.

6, the length of light bar custom: the size of the regular light bar are the standard size of production, meet the need to turn the standard size of the president or short, this will be customized.

We hope that everyone can guide the selection of LED transparent screen profiled products. Hernone has gone a long way in the transparent LED display industry. And access to CCTV Securities Information Channel LED transparent screen industry preferred brand, select the hero brand Hero (Hero).