LED-Hero Transparent LED Display

With the advancement and development of technology,transparent LED display with its slim design, high-end atmosphere science and technology, occupies an significant place in LED display industry. As a segment LED display, transparent LED display brings you an unprecedented visual experience and new applications experience,and it also enriches the type and display LED display products, filling the blank areas of the transparent LED display for providing customers with more choices and possibilities.

LED-Hero transparent LED display features 4 points that catch your attention:

(1)A very high rate perspective to ensure that the requirements for lighting and viewing angle range between floors, glass facades, windows and other light structure to ensure that the glass walls of the original lighting feature perspective.

(2)Taking up no space. With board thickness of only 10mm, the display screen body weighs only 12Kg/m, without changing the structure of the building, directly pasted on the glass curtain wall.

(3)No steel structure to save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation interior maintenance, and simple.

(4)Unique display, since the display background is transparent, it can make the advertising picture gives the feeling of suspension on the glass curtain wall, with good advertising effect and artistic effect.