LED-HERO's France's largest operator Orange stunning in Barcelona

As the UK and France's largest mobile operator Orange, in 1996 the company officially listed on the London Stock Exchange, and in the same year on April 2 officially landed the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the total assets has reached 8.4 billion . In July 1997, the company's customers have reached 1 million, becoming the company's history, an extraordinary milestone.

The same for the country's largest LED transparent screen R & D and production as one of the manufacturers ---- LED-HERO, this and Orange in Barcelona, Spain, orange-based orange color logo, and Herno's logo is so Amazing coordination, through the LED-HERO LED transparent screen of the perfect presentation, showing its warm, charming side. Strong combination to create out of the horizon is how to show its unique charm?

After Rolls-Royce and BMW, Orange is the one of cooperator of LED-HERO, which proved that LED-HERO products with ultra-transparent, ultra-high definition, ultra-highlight the advantages and ultra-avant-garde design and structure, Not only in the domestic industry which shine, to a foreign country is like a duck to water, so that China-made perfect blooming in a foreign country.