LED-HERO new LED transparent screen wonderful moment

November 9-11, 2017 China-Latin America International Expo (hereinafter referred to as China-Latin America International Expo) is the last day of Hengqin International Science and Technology Innovation Center. The theme of this exhibition is mainly to respond to the "Belt and Road Initiative" advocated by China "The strategy is mainly to narrow the distance between Chinese enterprises and Latin American enterprises so as to exchange in-depth exchanges in such fields as culture, education, sports and tourism.

LED-HERO new transparent LED screen
China International Lao LED-HERO New LED transparent screen TW Series P8 models used in this field, the project is all-inclusive project in  LED-HERO, the project area of 226 square meters. Transparent screen three-dimensional Hyun-fantasy display effect and technology products in Hell's complement each other, stylish appearance, very modern and technology atmosphere. Now the project has been installed, please Tell me what to see faster, take a look at the scene sent back pictures:

"High penetration, high refresh" has always been the characteristics and purpose of Hernano transparent screen products! Perfect bloom at the event!

LED-HERO transparent screen products can be based on application requirements, star-shape into the design, matrix, text, graphics, patterns and other different arrangements can achieve a good advertising effect.