MediaMatrix W12 (Pixel Pitch @ 12mm)

Pixel piches available at 3.75/8mm, 3.9/7.8mm, 5/8mm, 7.5/8mm, 10mm, 16mm, and 20mm, with brilliant ultra-light designing ,super high transparency and admirable performance, easily fit almost any indoor architectural structures, MediaMatrix W series video wall solutions have been meticulously engineered to deliver exceptionally true colors with ultra-high contrast retio and up to 6000 nits of brightness ,ensuting optimum image quelity even in bright sunlight conditions.

With up to 87% transparency, W series are almost invisible from 5 meters away, which makes it the ultimate video wall choice for glass window and façade applications.


 Groundbreaking Transparent Fanless Design
Groundbreaking cost-effective fanless self-cooling design renders MediaMatrix ultra-slim structure and amazing 70-87% transparency, which ont only help to bring great installation & maintenance advantages ,but also make transforming glass facades or shop windows into vivid video walls without blocking out light or the view on both sides possible.